death by paper cut

{January 24, 2005}   singaporeville

anyone born and breed in singapore can tell you that everybody knows everybody – well not quite, but you get the idea – sometimes to the extent where its too close for comfort. then again when singaporeans go overseas for a holiday, bumping into their singaporean friends is not uncommon. i dare say that friendster has an added value to singaporeans because it delinates the who knows who link and who happens to be also so and so’s primary school classmate / ex-boyfriend / cousin / church member / army buddy / colleage / wife. whether this information is of any use at all is up to individual interpretation and utility.

its also easier to get to know so and so’s friend or even harder to avoid being seen with so and so when singapore is so small and orchard road is even smaller.

just today, i bumped into a primary school friend twice in orchard road. that reminded me about how warmly familiar being in a place that you grow up can be. that is if the chance meeting is serendipitous and does not happen to involve someone you abhor.

a double-edged sword singaporeville is. but either way, it brings out nostalgia and reminds us that this land is indeed like no other. and there’s only so far that you can uproot because the familiarity with the people and places run deep.

i will be spending the next couple of years in a completely different place. nostalgia is not something i’ll be experiencing so for good measure, i’ve uploaded 2 pictures of my primary school days to stuff myself and my long time friends full of nostalgia.

goodbye for now singaporeville.


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