death by paper cut

{January 25, 2005}   1st thought

1st thought
i’ve tried to keep a certain extent of anonymity of this blog. but because i want to show case my photography with my flickr badge and because friends leave personal comments, i have to decide which side of both worlds this blog lends itself towards.

either way, i do have some people in mind that i do not want this blog to be made known to. e.g. the family.

fast forward in the future – would i be comfortable with my own kids reading my blog? there are some aspects of myself as an individual that i cannot make known to my parents, in the same way i would think that there will be some aspects of myself as a parent that i cannot make known to my children.

imagine stumbling upon your parents’ blogs, when you never knew they had one.

2nd thought
the wisdom in tooth. what is the purpose of the wisdom tooth now that we have apparently evolved to do without it?

the wisdom tooth is not without purpose. the stone age purpose of replacing new teeth is now obselete and has been ousted by a higher order utility, which is to use pain and agony as a common denominator to bind people together on a level playing field.

to my surprise, many of my friends empathise with my extraction experience and have thrown me pityful looks and encouraging words. even more solacing are friends relating to me how all four wisdom teeth were removed at one go. its like sharing battle scars.


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