death by paper cut

{July 23, 2005}   accosted

to add to my earlier rant of gender roles and differences,
what would you do when you as a chic cute female gets approached by a guy asking for money?

i am going out on a limb here to say that i observe, that seldom would guys encounter women or men creating reasons for needing instant cash. but women on the other hand will get approached more often.

i was at the waiting for the bus outside the jurong east library bus stop today when a guy (ethnicity irrelevant here to mention) came up to me to say that his mother-in-law is at NUS and he only has a bicycle. he said he needed to take a cab, and flashed two $2 notes, indicating that it wasn’t enough and waited for me to respond.

i told him that i had no money. he accepted my answer and returned to his bicycle that was parked a few metres away. what puzzled me was that in this emergency, he didn’t approach anyone else at the bus stop – there were at least 8 other people both men and women.

dear faithful readers of my blog, please comment what you would have done. i do not refer to buying packets of tissue from the auntie along the mrt stations, but to strangers who approach you individually.

i had a prior bad experience with such encounters. some years back at the orchard-turn bus stop, this big burly boy (twice my size) in his twenties, held on to my hand that was resting at the bus stop railing. he asked for money and would not let go of my hand till i relented. hold my hand hostage! wah i so wanted to give him a michelle yeoh kung fu kick that would land him in the path of an on-coming superbus. but instead i reached for my purse and shoved him a dollar coin. and guess what? he said it wasn’t enough! what nerve man. i was poised to kick and growled that if its not enough, then don’t take anything!

he took my dollar coin and went on his rounds approaching other girls at the bus stop. read – girls only.

this is my conundrum: to make a scene, which might involve getting the defence of chivalrous gentlemen (if any) or intrepid ladies at the bus stop. but there would be ramifications, perhaps even involving the police. the alternative would be to see it as a one-time-off unpleasant incident and get on with your day – in order words, forget it ever happened.

again dear faithful readers of my blog, please comment what you would have done.


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