death by paper cut

{July 23, 2005}   i kick ass

while applauding the watershed developments set forth by the first wave of the women’s liberation movement, i am not an advocate for feminism because fighting for the cause tends to get disoriented and carried away. i rather acknowledge the different roles men and women play. however, i retaliate when the roles women play are deemed to be exhaustible and inferior. and i get truely distraught when i come across women being violated like in this blog entry and this film.

i believe it is more than sexual gratification when a woman is violated, rather, it stems from the brute’s value system that he dominates over all life, he can take at will, abuse at will, kill at is a highly psychopathic complex like illustrated in red dragon when edward norton character answers press equries about a serial killer – “if you could play god, would you stop”?

this brings me back to the feminist contention because people should be clear that everyone has the right to defence and that a woman is not for the taking. And just because a woman is able to defend herself, does not make her a bra-burning feminist.

sometimes, i truely wish to be stronger than a man so that i will able to physically fend off all advances. and i rather be shot at gun point than to cower into submission.


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