death by paper cut

{August 11, 2005}   hands

although the largest organ – the skin – is endowed when the sense of touch, it is in the hands that this sense, starts making sense. of all the limbs and appendages of our anatomy, the hand is the only extremity that can reach out, hold on and grip firmly.

and when that happens, the rest of the body is secured and feels secured.

and when you see your heart’s desire, your senses will instinctively impel the hand to caress, to protect and to lay claim.

 and when two hands join together and interlock, minds, souls and bodies move tranquilly in tandem.

 and when you’re ready to have and to hold, its in the hand that has and holds.

 and when a promise ain’t enough, a touch says everything. (Hall & Oats)

 and when i can’t see you,
and when i can’t hear you,
and when i can’t speak to you,

 all i need is to hold your hand.

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