death by paper cut

{August 15, 2005}   no woman, no cry

man, love your woman dearly, for she is priceless.
in silence, she adores, cares, supports, fights & strives.
she is by your side because she chooses so.


God made woman to be your helper,
and He has equipped her accordingly.
He gave woman the gentleness of spirit,
but the mettle of iron.


in love, miriam cared for moses
in faith, esther prayed for strength
in obedience, ruth served and persisted
in authority, deborah judged and prophesied


at conception, with complication and breech
baby girls will to live and out-survive baby boys.
at the end of life with grit and grime
woman outlive man once again.


Like a diamond, she too is made of base carbon,
but she endures, sustains, persevers, adheres & previals
till she transforms into a multi-faceted gem.


You gaze into her glow, but can’t really make out what
seems to be at her core;
the images she reveals in her pavillion & crown are at once
reflected, inverted, exaggerated, disfigured & encrypted.


“why so distraught? she’s obsesses too much”
“what’s she all about? she can’t make up her mind”
“why so complicated?” she not saying what she feels”


it is all there as you gaze, just look and love.

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