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{August 23, 2005}   my second wind

my second wind –
when your inclination fails you, discipline takes over

I became a running enthusiast in june 2003 after attending the Wilderness First Responder Course organized by PA and CCAB. It was tailored especially for teachers interested in the outdoors and bringing students to the outdoors.

during the mock emergency exercise, we had to race to the scene with heavy medical equippment and then carry the victim on a stretcher back to the base. while trying to catch my breath as i headed to the site, my fitter team mates ran like the wind with 1.5 litre bottles tucked under each arm and sped ahead of me.

i decided then that i wanted to have the stamina and fitness like one of these, so that i could sprint effortlessly whenever the situation calls for quick action. soon, i came across a 10km run organized by Beyond Social Services in july 2003. it was an opportunity which i challenged myself to take. it would be my first 10km run.

with what short time i had to condition myself, i ran 6km around the pandan reservior. it seemed endless at first. but after completing my first 10km run, the 6km became my default twice a week routine.

over the past 2 years, i completed 2 real runs (2003 & 2004), 2 terry fox runs (2003 & 2004) and 2 street wise runs (2003 & 2004).

I am still striving to complete 10km under an hour. i can forsee that my performance in the coming 3rd real run will leave much to be desired. if only i could be more consistent with proper diet and exercise. perhaps i can continue my “tradition” of 3 runs a year by taking part in 2005 terry fox run. with a bunch of chums, i will be taking part in the standard charted singapore marathon 2005 and running under the banner of habitat for humanity singapore. hopefully i can complete 10km under an hour by the end of this year in time for the stand chart run.


[…] i only started enjoying running / long distance running 3 years ago. i’ve elaborated more in a previous post. since then, my stamina and staying power has improved by leaps and bounds. more than that, i’m enjoying my runs more and more. like a well oiled machine trudging by, the power and force that runners exert sounds and feels like the quickening steam train accelerating in the THX doubly surround sound clip at the beginning of movies. […]

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