death by paper cut

{September 4, 2005}   how to be human

life has no meaning without death.
basic mechanism of demand and supply;
we only treasure what is in short supply, or costly, or arduous to attain.

however, even after watching the sea inside, i believe that the apppointed time of death is not up to us to chose. i have to first qualify that my perspective is theologically bais. we are all stewards of what we are given, including the life we have. we are empowered & accountable caretakers but not the ultimate owners. furthermore, there is an entire dimension after life as we know it. is there physical proof? i’m afraid not, but that’s a different story althogether.

on the more humanistic level where more people can identify with, a disability, be it a learning disability or a physical disablity should not be treated as a liability. i am sad to say in the society i am in, people are commonly valued according to the their projected worth. yes there are immediate considerations, but that’s when the miracle of the human spirit takes over.

its nice to watch how the odds are overcomed in movies and as long as we view it with a certain deattachement, as long as it doesn’t happen to us. take for example the case for abortion if the fetus is down syndrome. we tend to consider this as “mistakes” in creation, a defect that should be removed in the assembly line production since the product does not measure up to quality control standards.

but who’s standards are we measuring against? i believe we are not meant to go through life alone, a defect in a new born child as we call it, or a physical disability thrusted upon us in adulthood (like in the sea inside) is meant to teach us independent, proud & apathetic people how to be compassionate, sacrifical & humble all over again – how to be human all over again.


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