death by paper cut

{September 22, 2005}   i’m feeling existential again

i would fly ten thousand miles
in the pouring rain
just to see your face


and love you into every morning
i’ll leave the world behind
and i’ll slow down time


daryl hall & john oates


when i saw the break of day
i wished that i could fly away
instead of kneeling in the sand
catching teardrops in my hand


something has to make you run
i don’t know why i didn’t come
i feel as empty as a drum


norah jones


i rent the room and i fill the spaces
with wood in places to make it fill like home
but all i feel’s alone


but its hiding the quiet superstitions in my head
don’t believe me
when i’ve say i got it down


john mayer


i’m a train wreak
waiting to happen
waiting for someone to pick me up off the tracks
a wildfire borne of frustration
borne of the one love that gets me so high


sarah mclachlan


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