death by paper cut

{September 27, 2005}   give me a break

on front page today, “schools act against students for flaming teachers on blogs.”

why take it so personally? don’t these “victimised teachers” realize that teachers command celebrity status? you would be able to google a hate site for most celebrities, so what?

the junior colleage girls are just doing what they do best. disciplinary action taken for thought crimes? as long as they don’t physically injure the teacher, there really isn’t any need to take any action.

potential schemes should be nipped in the bud? but not blogging about their viciousness does not stop the students from thinking maliciously.

the girs were made to remove the libel, can’t they just create another blog for the sole purpose of flaming? making an example out of them will just increase their popularity. the intention of the disciplinary action met out will just backfire.

so i suppose that means i cannot flame my students on my blog then…

on a side note, my colleages have added more students as their friendster contacts. so far, these students are harmless and rather pleasant, but as for now i’m increasing my privacy status. and as an added precaution, i will also be removing the link to this blog as well as all photos from my friendster profile.


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