death by paper cut

{September 28, 2005}   babe of the moment

selma blair in hellboy

granted that the effects were of a b-grade action flick, the chemistry between the cast is astounding. in hellboy, selma is liz sherman, a “mutant’ who is not unlike the human torch in fantastic four or cyclops in x-men. she left the motley crew of fellow “mutants” at the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense and put herself into an institution hoping to blend into society again.

although struggling to find herself, liz is not the angsty, fiesty brat, she never blamed others, she never drew battle lines, she never placed expectations on anyone. she is often tormented by her uncontrolled release of fire that burnt a building down when she was a child, liz is therefore reserved and doubtful of herself. even so, liz has a mettle of steel and a sombre desposition that demands reguard. if liz sherman was a real person, i would stalk her just to take in her aura and gaze at her deliberate gait…


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