death by paper cut

{September 29, 2005}   beyond the bunny

what do women really want in their electronic toys? asks ST’s Urban.

beyond the bunny of course.

the geek said i can be “worse” then him on one of our usual rounds in funan. “worse” meaning more meticulous or awed by gaget and gizmos. perhaps i too am part of the statistics that the Urban article raised.

in recent times i have lamented the disapointment that creative zen mircro has brought me. i finally got my replacement set today. this would be my 4th replacement set in the past year. after giving local products a try, i initiated myself into the apple/ipod family by acquiring a shuffle – for the sole utility for running.

to sum up my creative ranting – at its best performance, the creative zen micro skips at least twice within 6km of running.

but i have to qualify that i’m just a demi-geekess. comparing computer configurations on leaflets from sim lim still buffle me and i’m still sure i will never own a pda. i have a need to blotch with ink. contemplating between a 0.5 and 0.7 tip in various tones and texture still give me a kick. if i’m undecided, i can always take a whiff of the medium and go with the more euphoric after taste/smell.

i quite like dog-eared edges and broken into spines.
i rather flip and scroll for next week’s schedule.
there is still more of me in pigment than pixel.


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