death by paper cut

{October 3, 2005}   de-clutter

managed yet another 6km non-stop, sprints are also getting longer towards the finishing.

i went through all my workstation cupboards and drawers last week and re-packed all my files and containers and threw out things that i’ve kept for a long time. i’ve been keeping them a long time because i wanted to be on the save side, you know: “oh maybe this might come in useful next time”.

i’m also re-reading a literature text i did for an elective in nie – eating chinese food naked. the protagonist’s mother hoards everything in her basement with the same sentiment that what she hoards – jars, bottles, pieces of cloth, etc – might come in useful next time. i find that true with my dad and some other chinese families i know; garang guni.

personally, i detest “cluttered-ness”, in fact, its therapeutic to throw things out. my dad’s stuff spills over every nook and crany. but i refuse to allow my room to drown in this belongings.

something’s gotta give. i believe we all should keep in mind that we have an finite amount of space for our stuff, physically, mentally and emotionally. the things we store should never spill over. along with the stuff i junked, were my journals.

before blogging, i was already keeping a form of an electronic diary which i type and store on word document. i would also have them printed and filed chronologically – one file for one year. my original intention was to will one file per girl-friend on my deathbed.

but now i’ve decided to have all the five files shredded, and even have the soft copy erased.

the ramblings in my younger days were disoriented and repetitive – and pseudo intellectual.
my writings now are more distilled & succient and therefore more liberating. i suppose those ramblings were part and parcel of maturing and finding one’s self.

but now they are just a stacks of paper taking space and collecting dust.

i’ve taken stock and i’m de-cluttering.


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