death by paper cut

{October 12, 2005}   miss mimosa

when i was younger, my dad used to say i just like a mimosa – a touch-me-not because i would shun away from him. when agitated, the mimosa would close its leaves, as if your touch had somehow seared a deep wound, and it should therefore retreat to the safety in recluse. now that i am older, my dad doesn’t say anything because i am still shunning away from him.

i have come to realise that perhaps my dad is not the only one on the receiving end of my mimosa retreatment. in the past few months, and without them knowing, i have severed emotional ties with some people who have been rather close to me.

it was really no biggie. in fact it could be just a careless curt remark or a nagging bad habit, or a disappointing encounter. what is the worse that can happen from mimosa treatment? the less contact the better isn’t it?

i regret to inform you that i am highly vindictive, overly dramatic and hyper-sensitive.

so leave me alone…


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