death by paper cut

{October 20, 2005}   my eulogy

an old soul, a young body and mind.


someone who comes up with the most astute and perceptive observations.


someone who’s artistic flair is matched by her relentless quest for perfection in all things.


someone who’s searching, willing to try new things.


someone who feels deeply and has deep faith, the depths of which i can say- if i may – i’ve felt because she has loved me.

i was thinking about the standard operational procedures in the case of my death – the SOPs for contacting people like you. i have been making a concious effort not to mix family and friends. So how would my family contact my friends i were to say – die in a diving misadventure in the great barrier reef?

i think i would also choose an orbitury photo of my preference so that my mom would not frame a crap picture.

i should also come up with a relay system which will probably look like a list of numbers to call – “in the event of my demise, please inform the following persons in alphabetical order”.

so if you would like to be in this contact list, please leave your name and contact details, alternatively, you can return to this blog to revisit the pages of my pre-death.

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