death by paper cut

{November 6, 2005}  

the heart rate monitor traditionally refers to the transmitter belt and the wrist receiver. there are other variations like the adidas computer shoe.

why monitor your heart rate? because effective calorie expansion takes place only at maximum heart rate. case in point: i would rather exercise for 20 minutes at maximum heart rate then exercise an hour below maximum heart rate.

measuring heart rate during a workout provides an objective measurement of exercise intensity, so that you will really know and not just feel that you’re stretching yourself.

but what if you can tangibly increase intensity and duration with each workout e.g. increase speed and distance on the treadmill? wouldn’t that mean that even if i am not achieving maximum heart rate, i would at least be inching towards it?

this is my problem – with each time that i increase speed and distance, indications of maximum heart rate do not surface. for instance, my recovery time (or perceived recovery time) is always very short.

the hesitation i have about using a polar heart rate monitor is that i have to strap the transmitter belt around my sports bar when running – it looks uncomfortable, so how about inserting the heart rate monitor into the elastic band of the sports bra? and why hasn’t anyone (i.e. nike/adidas) invented that?

just when i was contemplating registering my “patent innovation”, i came across what i’ve been looking for – the heart rate monitor bra.

ok so someone out there is producing the heart rate monitor bra. i do wish that mega brands like nike or adidas would market it on a wider scale so that it will be more accessible to consumers like me. on the other hand, i want to give due recognition and revenue to smaller scale entrepreneurs.

after a few more google searches, i realised i spoke too soon. in august this year adidas launched its integrated training system of a similar concept – project fusion.

it seamlessly integrates polar heart rate and speed and distance monitoring equipment into adidas apparel and footwear. the system integrates the adidas adiStar Fusion range of apparel (t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, bras, women’s tops), the adidas adiStar Fusion shoe, Polar’s s3 Stride Sensor, the Polar WearLink transmitter and the Polar RS800 Running Computer into one complete system that simplifies use and increases comfort for the athlete…purchasing the entire system will be around 640 Euros/680 Dollars. the products are available as separate pieces as well, and available in spring of 2006.

so it happens that a mega brand is marketing it on a wider scale, but it still doesn’t seem accessible to consumers like me.


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