death by paper cut

{November 12, 2005}   sorted out

1) accommodation
2) student visa
3) plane ticket
4) modules
5) vacation plans
6) …

it seems like i’ve got most things settled, just need to learn how to cook. i’ve also been scouring libraries for prescribed readings. yes – i might be a “chao-mugger”, but no – i am not a kia-su singaporean; i just happen to be resourceful, and all the time in the world.

i’ll be leaving late jan 06. being sent off at the airport doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, and it serves no purpose. this is the usual scenario – a huge crowd of well wishers, friends and family standing around in cliques while you check-in. you visit each clique and repeat the same thing, hardly finding “quality time” with them. and chances are, only a hand few if you’re lucky enough will call and write you frequently.

so why bother? i didn’t send ML off at the airport when she left for canada, but i was the only one who visited her (granted i had the means and opportunity as compared to others), and i’m the only friend calls regularly.

so if you really care, don’t other catching the last glimpse of me at the departure hall, rather, count the pores on my face with all the time in world we have now.


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