death by paper cut

{November 17, 2005}   identities and crisis

been following a blog of a prolific writer who’s controversial identity has been known by her parents. its a crisis to her. i have never met her, but i feel her anxiety. i wonder how i would react if my own parents came about my blog. me and my parents do not share computers at home anymore – happiness.
i do not have a controversial identity per se, but my friends out there know the internal conflicts i face toggling different identities.

i’m starting another blog, but not disclosing its location. “my profile” has been removed from both blogs. (yay!) it just occurred to me that even online i am toggling with different identities. the geek says he will label his rss feeds to my blogs as dr jekyll and mr hyde. am i hiding myself from a part of the world? or perhaps i am hiding a part of me from myself?

should i remove all traces of my offline self? starting with the removal of my flickr badge and all mention of real names? what if one day a tabloid should find a post about my teaching experience alongside a taboo post? offline sex tease anyone?


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