death by paper cut

{November 19, 2005}   school’s out!

i would think that many of us in our younger days, thought of our teachers has the politically upright reinforcer of rules and discipline. perhaps they were, like how some teachers really are – all the time.

or there could be other teachers who eagerly anticipate the dismissal bell – more so than the students – check their watch to keep time of their lessons, but more importantly to count down. the end of each curriculum day is celebrated in a similar manner during new year’s eve.

that is not to say that the teacher skives.

there are good days and there are bad days. i’ve finally come to the end of my first working stint, all three and a half years of it. it was the same school that i did my practicum in. those were hellish days. i was utterly devastated to be posted back to the same school. after which, i did all i could to arrange for an alternative posting. there were unfavorable circumstances that proved my efforts futile.

my first six months were depressing; i would dread the darkening sky on sunday evenings. i even broke down during contact time once. i would not go into technical details of the struggles, but just that – it was a struggle that made me doubt my self-worth and competence. i felt simply inadequate.

but time passed and i got better after each curriculum year. i’ve learnt things that textbooks doesn’t teach, acquired the skill to crumble difficult kids, and once again i found myself snug in a terrific cove of friends in the staffroom.

there wouldn’t any another other job, or any other school for that matter that could possibly allow me to hone my artistic inclinations. teaching art & craft also provided good reasons for my pet projects. coupled with what i intend to major in melbourne, i might just head towards the direction of art education on the curriculum planning level.

being awarded the outstanding contribution award for the individual teacher category for 2005 made a nice closure of my first teaching stint, for which $1000 will credited into my bank account in december, on top of the annual year end bonus. which also technically means that i should be ranked on the higher end for performance bonus.

its all good.


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