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{November 29, 2005}   what do you want to be when you grow up?

i do not like how it is ingrain in society that kids must be equipped, skilled, relevant, innovative, to make it in life. how is success defined? what happened to the soul? even when it comes to the emotive domain, catch phrases like social entrepreneurship takes the essence out of the idea.

i don’t think that’s that a fair question for any kid. first of all, the kid has to be aware of the many available occupations there are, and not just lawyer, doctor, teacher, businessman. secondly, the question cuts off the possibility of the kid creating new occupations.

i have no ambitions, only inclinations. and over time, these inclinations takes on an expertise and in turn a direction is slowly forged. the available occupations in the direction i am heading to were never revealed to me as a kid.

it is only in recent times that i am able to articulate the field that i want to venture into as a career. i find no job satisfaction in jobs that contribute directly to the economy by way of retails or marketing. i do not like to convince people that they have a need, a void that can be filled up with purchasing power. that’s the basis of the economy i have been told – multiplier effect according to john sloman. i suppose that has its importance and place, but i’ll leave it to other people.

i rather be involved in education, training, service, humanitarian efforts. i’m not a hard core activist for any cause, at least not at the moment, but i would like to affect the human condition at a more personal level.

the work of NGOs intrigue me. the most intriguing have been Room to Read and Habitat for Humanity.

can you imagine the amount of projects that can be sustained if every citizen in developed nation devote a week or two in a third world community? think global wide reservist for humanitarian efforts.

lofty ideas aside, i’ll be running for shelter this sunday at the standard charted marathon, under the banner of Habitat for Humanity. runners are raising funds and awareness for this cause. the intention is to find people to donate a sum of money for every kilometre we run collectively.

so please do visit the website and let me know if you would like to contribute monetarily.


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