death by paper cut

{February 11, 2006}   austrasia

my transition into australia has been effortless with the help and proximity of friends here. and then there’s most local food stuff that you can purchase here, and of course the multitudes of asians in the midst all serve to make me feel that it isn’t all that different from home. (disclaimer: home as i know it, my outlook is not representative of most singaporeans)

i took a long walk along the yarra river with my visiting friend and as we approached crown casino, we heard a chinese orchestra, smelt bak kwa and satay and saw a chinese calligrapher translating names in writing. we walked right into river hongbao!

these were my two most bizarre encounters.

firstly, there was the really cheap and massive warehouse sale of food stuff, there was also the ridiculously exorbitant chinese goodies. for instance, while i bought three packets of pastes for AUD 5 (including singapore laksa paste), and four packets of kway tiao for AUD 2 i was flabbergasted at bak kwa being sold for AUD 2.50 a square.

secondly, traditional chinese arts and musical instruments like wu shu and the pipa, erhu etc, were performed by aussies. so already feeling like i’ve walked into the river hongbao along the marina esplanade, my frame of mind told me that these aussies were foreign talent.


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