death by paper cut

{March 11, 2006}   home away from home

reading the straits times at the overseas students lounge,
listening to class 95 soft rock weekend,
downloading mr brown’s podcasts,
overhearing the repetitive mrt “door closing” warning,
instantly teleports me home.

since classes started, the weeks have sped past like a speeding bullet.
its the end of the 2nd week of tutorials
there’s so much to read, think, digest, compose.
the tics-tions-isms are starting to sink in.

being in another continent makes me feel closer to home,
not because i want to be back home,
but because i think alot more about home.

i’ve said more heartfelts to loved ones in letters,
i’ve read the straits times with more interest,
more than when i would have at home.

i’ll have to research and write thousands and thousands of words for essay questions that revolve aroung singapore, identity, asianness, orientalism, post-colonialism, neo-colonialism, western cultural hegemony, postmodernism in other cultures (like singapore), which process puts into focus what i represent.

am i homesick? not a chance, there’s something to do everyweekend.
just today, i rollerbladed with the melbourne university skating club from the city to port melbourne, enroute south bank, past st kilda’s beach enroute beaconsfield parade and arrived at st kilda marina for a barbie. all in all, i basked 5 hours in the sunny sunshine on wheels. blades and protective gear were provided.

the organisers of the melbourne university skate club will be performing stunts in an item in the commonwealth games opening ceremony.

more updates about the festivities and events when the games begin next week.


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