death by paper cut

{March 17, 2006}   a time to connect with the little girl inside

pms is more than just a biological or psychological cycle.
its your mind and body taking time out to grief,
to feel accutely the many fleeting images
and distractions that pass our way,
again and again like ground hog day.
where in this desensitized and derealized world
of media and madness,
a time to connect with the little girl inside
weeping for what words cannot say.
clarity does not have to be the
be all and end all,
solutions and answers do not need
to be battered out from the
complicated mesh of emotions,
its tiring to try too hard
rather, let the thunderous tsunami,
wash over and over.
painful as it might be,
defences will break down

home away from home, is it my home?


i don’t want the world to see me
cause i don’t think that they’d understand
when everything’s made to be broken
i just want you to know who i am


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