death by paper cut

{May 7, 2006}   metafiction

this is a writing about writing.
when i embark on an essay, i keep at it intensely till i’m done.
i have just written my introduction for my first 2500 word essay
– 1980s: postmodernism in art. 3 more such essays after this.
i’ve decided on the angle, i’ve gathered material from dozens of books.
my stockpile of genius is effervescing against a pressure ceiling.
however i do not want it to all spill out into an incoherent mess,
therefore i’ll keep the momentum going at a moderate pace,
controlled, deliberate, masterly.
sometimes between the metamorphosis from thought to word,
the magic is lost in translation, in signification.
between the signifier and the signified,
deconstruct this discourse

i’m out for some tim tams.


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