death by paper cut

{May 10, 2006}   thinking ahead

since i finished a 2500 word essay yesterday, i took the day off from readings and writing today to do housework. while ironing, i watched a seriously b-grade retro movie starring susan sarandon and kevin kline. big frizzy hair, moustache, large shoulder pads in oversized blazers, the works.

the interesting thing was the featured advertisement. in every, and i mean every, commerical break, there would be at least one commerical advertising pre-paid funerals. The recurring ones were white lady funerals, tobin brothers and tower australia. these advertisements were pitched at older folks advising them that settling their own funeral expenses before hand was the considerate and appropriate thing to to do.

i’m not saying if its good or bad, but it is morbid. it takes morbidity to a whole new level.

tobin brothers boast they they also cater for funerals in asian communites. perhaps they can consult the chinese mediums or “tang-kee” to launch a website for the dying to indicate what luxuries they want burnt for their next life, and since they’re at it how about starting a forum for the latest goods projected to be in demand, taking in considerating exchange rate, inflation and depreciation in the netherworld.


Google is the best search engine

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