death by paper cut

{May 20, 2006}   my anthropomorphic coat

in temperate climate like this, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing on the inside since you’ll be covered with a jacket anyway, unless of cause you’re into autumn/winter MNG, Zara-ish collections.

everytime i leave my house, i’ll be lugging along my black fleece jacket – never leave home without it. wrapped in a fleece, the body warms up quite nicely when you’re on the move in the day time, sans wind chills.

when i brisk walk to my classes, i will soon be warm enough to remove my jacket, in fact it gets uncomfortable warm. slung over my arm, still retaining the heat from my body, the fleece jacket took on a life of it own.

like a 2nd skin, the fleece seemed to have garnered its own life force, and i was carrying not a jacket, but an animal coiled into a bundle.

heat is a curious life giving force.


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