death by paper cut

{May 21, 2006}   same old some new, but what’s new?

I’m currently gathering material for an essay in Asian Studies. Pouring over “old material” with new perspectives is indeed refreshing.

After 40 years of independence, somethings stay the same (Page 14 & 17) and other things change.

Vasil, Raj. Governing Singapore. Singapore: Mandarin Paperbacks, 1992

Page 14

Political change and progress, leading to the establishment of an effective representative democracy, had to follow social and economic advancement rather than precede it. The social and economic foundations of a democractic polity had to be created first. “Real and effective democracy is possible only on the basis of a literate and educated nation”.

Page 17

It was also believed by the PAP leaders that with an adequate range and depth of social and economic progress, the mass electorae in Singapore would become politically sophisticated and discerning enough to be able to distinguish beterrn the long-term interest of the country and short-term gains for the existing generation and thus make Singapore that much less diffiult to goven.

Page 18
The Second PAP Party Conference, held on 26 June 1955, had passed, among others, the following (two) resolutions:

Resolve that in view of the excessive powers and detention conferred on the Government by the Emergency Regulations in imposing restrictions on the freedom of speech, expression, assembly and association, hence rendering it impossible for the progress of democracy, this Conference calls upon all political parties to cooperate with us to fight for the removal of the Emergency Regulations.


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