death by paper cut

{May 30, 2006}   of blog & babies

disclaimer: i’m not feeling maternal

ever relished looking through old baby photos of yourself? this can only happen if your parents had bothered taking photos and then storing the photos properly over the decades.

ever wondered what your first word was or how you took your first step? i think we all started like astronauts and took our first step the way neil armstrong walked on the moon, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

wouldn’t it be surreal if you came across a video clip of yourself yapping away in gibberish as a toddler?

digital archiving has made that all possible and fuss free. when i post about my baby niece, i wonder how she would respond when she realises 10 years later that she can be googled the moment she was born.

when i do have a kid, i’m going to blog on behalf of him/her with tons of digital material like youtube clips and flickr pics, and then teach him/her to carry on with his/her blog. maybe the baby geek can tweak with the template under the coaching of the father geek.

maybe baby geek’s “goo goo gah gah” will evolve into “goo goo gle gle”.


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