death by paper cut

{June 3, 2006}   prelude to the real deal

this is my second day in hobart but it feels it i’ve been here forever.

i’m not particularly bored, in fact it is a nice change of pace from the week after week of essay writing. my trip officially starts only tomorrow with Melb Uni’s International Students Outdoor Programme.

i spent the first afternoon orientating myself about the small city of hobart. the sunset by 5pm and the everything is closed by then, the streets are empty and even pedestrains are few and far between. it is not this in melbourne.

i headed back to pickled frog hostel to chill, only to get acquainted with some bagpackers who just concluded their adventure tour and so we headed to a pub that evening. i got to know 2 english, 1 kiwi, 1 french, 1 german, 1 japanese. they had so much to drink, they were practically plastered by the end of it. being the party popper i helped myself to a free flow of H2O.

some of us who recovered from the night of drinking met up this morning to check out the Salamanca Street Market. i spent the rest of the afternoon walking around with the japanese girl. leisurely sipping hot chocolate at a quaint cottage at battery point and happily digging into fish & chips at elizabeth pier was sheer bliss in cold cold tassie.

shall call it an early day today to recharge myself and my batteries for the next 4 days.


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