death by paper cut

{June 25, 2006}   www

www does not just refer to world wide web, but also to what women want.
over the years i’ve taken an informal poll, and on the top of the list of what women want in the context of a relationship, is for their counterpart to be adequately intuitive to read their nuances and to “just know”.

perhaps they want their cake and eat it too, they want their counterpart to know what they want without having to blatantly spell it out. to make sacrifices without having to be told that they should. basically, to act on their own free will instead of being prompted into action.

in a way, the mind of a girl can be described as a programming flow chart preconfigured with a lengthly list of conditions that indicate certain interpretations; if he does this – it means that, it he does not do that – it means this.

its compounded when these like-minded girls pour out their vexations over cake therapy and confirm with each other that they make perfect sense. my guy friends on the other hand say that guys are generally not big with subtlety, nuances, vibes, signals and what not. a case of women from venus and men from mars?

to be more precise, the vexations do not stem from a demanding woman frustrated in not getting her way, rather it stems from a position of dejected vulnerability when her affections are not reciprocated.

maybe in all her self-pity, the girl is blinded to considerate gestures on the part of the guy. “love languages” these self-help books call it. it could be the calling back at the end of the day, the football match he missed, the pragmatic saving up for the future, or even the simplicity of just being.

there will be hits and there will be misses. in the meantime, listen well and look hard, because that preconfigured programming flow chart is the laying bare of her soul for you to either trample on or gingerly thread through to get with her.

she says she loves you
and you know that can’t be bad.
yes, she loves you
and you know you should be glad.
– the beatles


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