death by paper cut

{August 1, 2006}   far from the madding crowd

the first semester has come and gone and the new one weighs heavily upon me. the first week has come and gone and i’m barely meeting deadlines already.

but still, i believe its going to be all good.

its probably a good juncture to pause and halt the onslaught of activies and flurry of appointments to just reflect and be thankful.

i’m thankful for the excellent grades i have for semester 1.
i’m thankful for the amazing friendships i’ve forged here, intimate friendships that already run deep.
i’m thankful for the various friends from back home who are also studying here.
i’m thankful for being able to keep close contact with friends back home. (thank God for instant messaging – both mobile phone and the net)
i’m thankful for the many many visitors from back home, these jet-setting friends have i.
i’m thankful for the fabulous accomodation – fantastic location, spacious, below market rate and fun housemates.
i’m thankful for being incapable of being homesick.
i’m thankful for having sufficent funds from the working years.
i’m thankful for the various short holidays i’ve taken and for the ones to come.
i’m thankful for having the opportunity to even be here.

so what you guys think of the new blog?

in your comments, try not to address me with my real name by the way.

the blog shift has something to do with keeping discoverablity at arm’s length.


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