death by paper cut

{August 14, 2006}   lost in translation

location: Friends – The Food and Wine People (Serangoon Gardens, Singapore)

friend, samples a glass of wine : (something indiscernable)… isreali wine.

me, perplexed: of course its-really-wine. what else can it be?

location: nam loong (bourke street, chinatown, melbourne)

friend A hints to friend B to pour the pot of chinese tea: there is a reason why the tea is infront of you.

friend B ponders upon the alphabet: how should i know why the T is infront of U?

location: classic curry company (elisabeth street, melbourne)

friend A: i’ll have naan. (northern indian bread)

friend B: you’ll have none?

friend A: yeh naan.

friend B: none of what?

location: someplace in singapore

friend A to her boyfriend: i want franz ferdinand.

boyfriend: you want friends-for-dinner?

location: sophia (burke road, camberwell, melbourne)

friend A: i went to the town hall.

me and friend B, flabbergasted: you went to the town whore?


c.s says:

oh goodness babe, those glibs are so good! and the naan, oh man. such a dinner @ CCC. *laughs*

Jean says:

hahaha… that’s hilarious. esp the T-U and the naan… 😀

sc says:

hmm…was i there when israeli wine thingy happened?

steelwool says:

yes you were! we ate at chomp chomp prior to that.

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