death by paper cut

{August 19, 2006}   (web)site of identity-making

i migrated from blogspot to wordpress recently and found to my delight that i can create categories for my posts.

categories however are useful to me only after i’ve been blogging for sometime, in which process made apparent the concerns i often reflect upon.

when i was a novice blogger, i used to wonder how blogger veterans using wordpress or such hosts knew that categories are most appropriate. when i first started out, i wouldn’t have sufficient ramblings for recurring themes to surface.

sure over conversations with friends, recurring themes close to your heart might often dominate your topic of discussion, but it will probably be your friends who will notice what you’re drawn to more than yourself.

blogs, like the astuteness of close friends, hold a mirror to for us to understand ourselves better, to trace our flow of consciousness and to track our thread of inner discussions.

and so by the time i shifted to wordpress, i didn’t have to ponder upon contrived categories – the pattern has already emerged. among other subjects, i realised that i often concern myself with artfully articulating complex emotions, my progress with distance running, breath-taking quotes and how our numbered days make them even more poignant.

when sorting out all my previous posts according to categories, i reflected upon my reflections at one removed and saw that through this process, i’ve become surer of my convictions and more confident of what makes me, me and that is thoroughly satisfying and therapeutic in this fragmented and disorienting world.


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