death by paper cut

{August 24, 2006}   arty nerd at the state library

i spent 7 hours researching on chiaroscuro and mise-en-scene in film noir yesterday. its amazing that in melbourne, i can find exactly what i need for most of my essays. i have to qualify though, that i major in art history and english literature. there was only one time that i needed a document not found here – singapore’s shared values white paper. i needed it as a primary source for an asian studies elective which a kind friend went out of her way to photocopy from the national library and had them scanned over.

other than that, the bailieu library, victorian college of the arts library and the state library more than suffice.

long periods of time at the state library usually means a lunch break at BK i.e. hungry jacks across the road. i seated myself on the 2nd level over looking the state library and happened to be situated next to a table of 3 guys conversing in geek-speak – something about dvd decoding. 2 white aussies and 1 abc. they all wore kaki coloured pull overs and kaki pants; not to be mistaken as square engineers in chequered shirts and jeans a tad too short.

i roughly understood the technology that they were so impassioned about, but not quite sufficiently. even so, there’s something about geek-speak that’s melodious and fascinating enough for me to continue to eavesdrop. there’s something about geeks.

*hi there geek*

in other news, i don’t like the new layout of

lux says:

really? i like the new layout. bigger & cuter fonts! =)

steelwool says:

she calls me “ai-yee” and sometimes sticks out her tongue =)

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