death by paper cut

{September 2, 2006}   visitors

i had em-c in february, cin-d in march, chin-m in april, deb-l in may, dad in june, mel-t & wife in july, n-toe in august and now lynn-k this week. the next wave of visitors will be in nov where i’ll free load off my sis on our 3 day road trip along mornington peninsula.

over time, i’ve consolidated at the back of my hand the best routes around melbourne, both by foot and by tram that covers the highlights of the city, and merges the paths less taken.

each time i bring a new visitor around, i always discover something new myself. today lynn-k and i window shopped along chapel street and brunswick street. i’ve been to these places countless times but never had i conscientiously combed through individual shops – in her quest for vintage – which to my delight are all quirky and bohemian.

tomorrow we’ll indulge in even more quirky and bohemian pleasures at the sunday arts market and st kilda’s esplanade.

mel-l, sha-c & chin-m would have loved to be here to join us in the vintage, craft and cuppucino pursuits. girlfriends i’ve known forever, and yet also at different stages of my life, seem to share the same interests and past times, indeed birds of the same feather, flock together, our plumes coalesced, our twitter resound, in jubilation and glee, we flitter and flutter.

aww so sweeeet!!!

can you share the highlights with me too? i am gonna bring my friend around soon in sept!!

steelwool says:

hey no problem,
i can take you on a guided recce trip =)

sc says:

i want… =(

steelwool says:

hey sc, i’m pretty sure you’re having a good time yourself, preparing for the big day and all that =)

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