death by paper cut

{September 4, 2006}   tragedy or the circle of life?

it was only last night that i had a conversation with my visiting friend about the dangers that nature can besiege man. our musing was triggered by the IMAX film we caught – deep sea 3D – and centred upon the dangers of diving. both my friend and i scuba dive, in fact she was my dive buddy on our maiden open water certification. she has since filled up countless log books while i have ventured on merely 2 dive trips.

i have been thinking about diving at the great barrier reef in cairns but at the same time hesitant about the worse case scenarios. my friend warned me about the portuguese man-of-war that can be found in australian waters, its stings are excruciating and often fatal. (upon searching more about this jelly fish, that slug-ish object i saw in tasmania suspiciously looks like a deflated portuguese man-of-war.)

i told my friend that mankind owes nature greater respect than we are giving. going diving is like venturing into a safari or more imaginatively, into a lion’s den. sometimes i feel that if any tragedy befalls us when we knowingly put ourselves at risk, we’re asking for it. citing steve irwin, our discussion drifted to people who put their lives at risk in nature as a career – do they “deserve it” then? we don’t have an answer to that.

uncannily, steve irwin passed way this morning “in the line of duty” so to speak.

suddenly, i feel like giving up diving altogether. suddenly, it occured to me that i might become the paranoid person my mother is about the safety of her children.


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