death by paper cut

{September 8, 2006}   cycling along the main yarra trail

going off the beaten track, lynn-k and i hired a bike and cycled along the main yarra trail as far as we could go within the given rental time. i estimate that we arrived at the midpoint between federation square and studley park before we made the return trip. the weather was surprisingly good after the morning down pour; crisp and clear, perfect for cycling and photography.

along the trail, i was also suprised to see overhang rock walls embedded beneath the bridges. what an ingenious use of space!

i would like to complete the entire main yarra trail one day. the snag is that the bike hire opens only at 10am but closes by 5pm each day; i wouldn’t be able to complete the trail and return within that window. maybe i’ll borrow someone’s bike in summer when the days are longer and warmer.


ismene says:

i’m itching to rock climb. we should do that together when you get back. 🙂

steelwool says:

hey! sure thing! i’m pretty sure i’ll be fit enough by the time i get back =)

minrong says:

hey girl, i wanna do the whole trail thing with you!!! =)

steelwool says:

bike hire is $35 hours for the whole day i.e. 7 hours. one way along the full trail is estimated to take 5 hours. its most ideal if we can borrow bikes for that. what i want to at least achieve is to ride to studley park and back within the bike hire window. tell me how your cycling went after wednesday yeh?

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