death by paper cut

{September 10, 2006}   main yarra trail

cs, rr and i met at 7.30am to stalk up on nibbles before heading to a taste of slow at abbotsford arts precinct; the bus ride from lygon took a mere 10 minutes. we intended to arrive early so that we could check out the nearby yarra bend park and studley park (& boathouse) located along the main yarran trail before a taste of slow commenced at 10am. as it turned out, we enjoyed the walk in the parks so much that we decided to foray into these “uncharted” grounds for the remaining morning and give a taste of slow a miss.

find out from kh and his accompanying pictures to see how a taste of slow went.

our leisurely indulgent walk started by skirting around collingwood children’s farm and ended with excellent coffee at the boat house in studley park 2 1/2 hours later. we left the boathouse just as dark clouds gathered by taking a short cut through yarra boulevard and walmer street and finally merging at victoria gardens shopping centre (ikea) half an hour later at 1pm.

these life-giving parks are so accessible, and yet are able to enfold within its haven pockets of sancturaries. it was a truely refreshing and rejuvenating way to start the day.


wow so fun so fun!!

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