death by paper cut

{October 19, 2006}   making home

funny that i should be reminded about ‘home’ in canberra. translated in different languages ‘home’ is embedded into the ground of the garden of australian dreams in the national museusm of australia.

its not the first time i’m posting about home, nor will it be last. that’s the point isn’t it? to constantly take stock of what defines you and what makes you feel ‘at home’.

this post will not be about the much worn topic of a misplaced chinese singaporean /singaporean chinese losing culture and roots to imperialist america, and not wanting to be rooted to home (decidedly singapore) after a stinct of overseas education i.e. quitter.

i will return upon graduate for a variety of reasons, but not because its more comfortable being surrounded with (old) friends and family. i adapt fast and very well. new networks can be forged without necessary losing touch with old ones. in fact some of my dearest friends are located as far as scotland and canada. as for the immediate family? well let’s say that i’ll always have a place for them in my heart somewhere and they’re resourceful enough to fend for themselves. i’m generally at ‘home’ with myself no matter where i am and i believe i’ll be able to carve out a career with my transferrable skills and tenacity.

for me, ‘making home’ has to be a series of deliberate choices, probably thrown in with sweat, blood and tears to have a real sense of pride and ownership. this refers to both the imagined community and the physical location of the apartment (landed property is not my thing).

the more important decision though, is who you ‘make home’ with. you might choose to live with your parents, or yourself, as long as its a personal choice. that said, the three criterions does not have to be fulfilled in any particular order.

so until i commit with a down payment for my own place and move on to the next stage of life with someone else (husband most likely), i will continue to be in limbo and in transit. don’t mind me, just passing through.


then i;ll see you back in singapore =)))

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