death by paper cut

{October 21, 2006}   i am due next month

yes its been nine months since i left home.

a hair cut is due, however i am still procrastinating because i hesitate to render myself vulnerable in the hands of a complete stranger. i frequent a specific hairdresser back home and i like how she has layered and thinned the ends of my hair. all that might change once i go under the scissors.


paperpen says:

aww come on babe, be experimental! join in the spirit of arts. hahah. as long as the hairdresser doesn’t shave your head, i don’t think it can get disastrous to the point of death. and your title is *ahem* cool. mwahhaha. =)

i need a haircut too!!!

gonna go back and be a hair model – free haircut!! woot!

before u think of anything, a hair model doesn’t even need to be pretty. it’s just being a mannequin sitting there to be a guinea pig.

[…] and to official get the party started, i’m going to snip them off as promised. steelwool @ 9:03 am [filed under melbourne musing […]

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