death by paper cut

{October 28, 2006}   tamagotchi niece

yes, it is indeed strange to suddenly have an extra family member running around at home. i never had to deal with that very much since my niece had not began walking when i left. my interactions with her henceforth took place virtually over the internet. my sister often surfs the internet with my niece sitting on her lap, i suppose as a result my niece is very familiar with the internet interface; more so than my mom.

i’ve seen my niece virtually grow up online. she produced an encore of her first few steps and first words over the webcam and according to my sister, would clamour to see me online too. come to think of it, my niece is somewhat like a tamagotchi. she was small and bald at 8 months when i left, she is 17 months now, loud, inquisitive and bold.

“Tamagotchi is a tiny pet from cyberspace who needs your love to survive and grow. If you take good care of your Tamagotchi pet, it will slowly grow bigger, healthier, and more beautiful every day. But if you neglect your little cyber creature, your Tamagotchi may grow up to be mean or ugly. How old will your Tamagotchi be when it returns to its home planet? What kind of virtual caretaker will you be?”

my niece is enjoying herself in tasmania at the moment. in another few days, i shall be facing her in real life. i’m skeptical that she will recognize me. this is her 2nd trip overseas. my sister took her their first family holiday to koh samui when she was all but 6 months. like me, she is being taken to exotic destinations when long term memory has yet to be activated. when i was one year old, my family travelled to hong kong, taiwan, los angeles and hawaii. i only have photos to prove it and no memory of having enjoyed myself. i call this the ‘amelie garden gnome syndrome’. watch the movie to see what i mean.

paperpen says:

awwwhhh i wonder how my niece is doing as well. the last time i saw her was when she was… 8 months old as well! she’ll be 1 1/2 years old by the time i see her again. woohoo. i kinda miss tamagotchi, actually. i just didn’t know that THAT diagram/ progression exists. haha.

lux says:

oooh i lurved amelie! to bits! watched it over ten times! after reading your post, i feel like watching it again! thank gdness i brought the vcd over to melb with me =)

all american rejects fan says:

if it’s to fat your tamagotchi won’t grow

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