death by paper cut

{November 5, 2006}   Mornington Peninsula

the last 4 days was spent with the visiting family (sans the father) at mornington peninsula.

the gleneagles accomodation that we rented was a fully furnished and self-contained house. what you see on the website is what you get. it is clean, spacious and conveniently situated a few mintes drive from main street at mornington where coles and safeway are located. it has 2 toilets and has beds to fit 7 people comfortably. great value for money considering it cost only $120 a night.

the weekend that we were at mornington peninsula coincided with the redhill community market and the heronswood garden spring festival. there is truly so much to take in even on a non-festive day such as the walks and elevated lookout points along arthurs seat state park or the pristine beaches and interesting rock formations at portsea ocean beach, or even the chilling at the baths restaurant overlooking the beach at sorrento. a few more road trips to mornington peninsula is a must.

heronswood garden

portsea ocean beach

mt martha

mornington peninsula lookout


my sister’s 17 month toddler was with us. it was so tiring to constantly see to the well-being of a whiny temperamental stubborn and demanding rugrat. she threw up her lunch on 2 consecutive days at the dining table and would clamour for certain toys in the car. we had to spend 2 hours at a playground just to feed her, one teaspoon full every few minutes.

the family consists of quite a few hotheaded and highly intense personalities with a new addition in the form of the toddler. it was nice seeing the family after almost a year, but anything more than a few days of close interaction would drive me up the wall. nevertheless, i generally enjoyed my 4 freeloading days and we still managed to visit the aforementioned places of interest, many with great photo opportunities. each of us got what we wanted out of the trip. by and large, it was a happy reunion.

my mom belongs to the more subdued and docile side of the family, she sulks more than she talks in arguments, but that i can deal better with perhaps because her tendencies were passed on to me. my sister on the other hand is more prone to heated outbursts like my dad. my mom’s visible aging saddened me a bit. the obvious winkles around her eyes and neck was the first thing that struck me when i received the family at the airport. my mom still looks much younger than her real age but it never hit me that she too will succumb to the forces of nature – like a withering flower signaling the beginning of the end. at a quarter century, people my age live like they will live forever, like they can outrun the signs of aging as long as they keep moving, or will they?


paperpen says:

again, I don’t think you’re alone in watching your mum [or parents] grow old. even I have been noticing the changes in my mum, and I’m sure she’s nowhere near yours! ah well. what goes up must come down, no?

[…] I did mention in a previous post that there is so much to take in at Mornington Peninsula that it warrant at least another visit. In a pleasant chain of events, some friends of mine decided to take a weekend off to embark on a road trip to Sorrento – I hurriedly volunteered to plan the expedition while most others were still knee and elbow deep in exam preparations. […]

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