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{November 7, 2006}   girlfriends

the previous post about girlfriends getting married reminded me of the super sweet little things that they’ve done for me along the way, things they themselves would have probably forgotten.

dt was different right from the start. she sounded different i.e non-singaporean since she spent her previous 14 years in at an international school in kenya. some folks in class couldn’t catch her accent and i had to help “translate” to some of them. somehow dt and i connected very easily and over time started hanging out at each other’s home. she liked scribbling smiley faces and quirky notes in my notebook and i allocated her 2 pages of it for her unrestrained creative autonomy. i went on a school field trip to england in secondary three. dt didn’t go but sent me off at changi airport although i would be gone for only 2 weeks. i think it was more to do with a particular guy also going on the trip who she thought was kinda cute.

i hung out at her place one afternoon was i was feeling rather morose. although we were chatting face to face, we decided to write a note to each other there and then. funnily, a question that i posed to her in my letter was answered in her note to me. fast forward to the present time, both of us have are not in singapore, her arrangement will be more permanent than mine, being married and settled down in scotland. she hates reading blogs, so i suppose i will have to continue our letter writing tradition.

i did not have a celebration proper when i turned 14. i was on my way home after school with jt when she decided to throw an impromptu birthday party for me. we bought snacks, junk food and non-alcoholic carbonated juice in a wine bottle from the large NTUC at jurong east and proceeded to her place to pop the “bubbly” and to “drink to health”. we didn’t quite know how to unscrew the cock and ended up having the foam gushing out all over the sink.

jt and i spent the night out eve of when the ‘A’s results were released. i was to stay over at her place and since her parents were out of town, the plan was to go clubbing along boat quay. somehow her grandmother found out and informed her mom overseas about the misdemeanor. we had to return home, it was barely 10pm. but instead of allowing our celebrations to be cut short, we turned down the light in her room and cranked up the radio to continuing “clubbing”. it was quite amusing. jt will be married by the time i return. i’m not sure if we have the opportunity for such spontaneity in the future.

i’ve always known about ml in primary school, but got to know her better when we were in the same class in secondary school. i happened to sit next to her during an art class. i can’t remember if she asked for my assistance or if i volunteered my help for one of the art assignments, either way after a little dabbling, i ended up doing the entire art project for her.

a few years after junior college, ml and i realised that we share a common strong interest in museums, walking trials, in-line skating and even my teaching curriculum when i started teaching at a neighbourhood primary school. one saturday afternoon, she even came down to help arrange my classroom with me. fast forward to the present time, ml and i have both left singapore for an extended period of time, we still keep in close contact over msn and calling cards. she intends to attend my graduation next year and has even offered to be my human courier armed with an empty suitcase to help with my transition out of melbourne.

i always remembered sc in secondary school as a person who was rather OCD about hygiene and had a great taste in music. although sc, ml and i often chill out at our “home” at holland village, sc and i had our own little meet ups and chit chats. sc was one of the last people whom i met up with before my departure. i ardently insisted that no one besides my family was to send me off at the airport. sc relented after awhile and at our last meeting at takashimaya, broke down in tears. we continued to we talk about dating guys, and then marrying them and before we knew it, she ROMed. i had originally agreed to hand-design the poster notice for her ROM but had to resort to designing it digitally using one of my photos. sorry about it sc. but it think it turned out quite all right.

i have yet to write about cm and lk, suffice to say that we had a great time holidaying overseas . yes, and incidently, both cm and lk have visited me in melbourne this past year – these jet-setting friends-o-mine.

on a separate note, i am obviously procrastinating readings for my last essay. shall get to it now.

ml says:

Not sure if you remember this but you delivered my homework to me when I was having chicken pox too! Looking forward to Melbourne! FS, HV and ECP when we are both back yeah? 🙂

steelwool says:

hey i forgot about the chicken pox delivery service. heh!
yeh, FS,HV, ECP for sure!

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