death by paper cut

{November 13, 2006}   the nightmare before deadlines

quite a few of my friends have experienced bad dreams when examination dates or deadlines loom at the horizon. some others have recurring dreams even after graduation. most of the dreams revolve around insufficient prepared-ness.

yesterday, serendipity dreamt that she wasn’t allowed into the examination hall because she had forgotten to bring her student ID with her…while the clock ticks by.

my final essay is due today. i’ve completed it two days ago. but still, i had a nightmare about it. i dreamt that all arts students had to take a mathematics test as a hurdle requirement. the notice was displayed at the essay box. i was utterly unprepared and dismayed.

its incredible how examinations and deadlines can traumatize us students. i would like to compile all these horror dreams into a book, tim burton style.


paperpen says:

i was just sharing with the other guys that night we stayed up all night chatting about a bad dream i had sometime aft. my Os 2 years ago… i dreamt that i was late for my A Math paper. worst part was that i was back home in jakarta [where obviously Os don’t exist], and i was looking for the exam hall within in house! best part was that the exam was actually taking place on the road outside my house with singapore classic setting of the table w/ grills n plastic chairs. hurhur. dreams dreams.

hhaaha. why do we ALWAYS dream that we are late for sumthing. i think it’s the whole anxiety thing.

lux says:

i love tim burton’s oyster boy book! i have to say – wit comes to those who dare to believe in it… hehehehehe

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