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{November 23, 2006}   River Activities Ahead

when the city of melbourne places a sign that says ‘river activities ahead’, they’re not kidding in the slightess.

within the same happening weekend of cultural festivities in melbourne, i managed to walk a stroll along the yarra for the umpteenth time. but each time, i always come across something new, something strange, something blog/photo-worthy

i might be sweet seeing a couple decked in their wedding attire enjoying the view along the yarra and casually snapping photos of themselves. almost like a quirky private picnic.

but it became more of a laughable spectacle when they turn up in noisy squawking hordes of mainlanders. rr noticed that one was wearing a pair of jeans under the dress and another one had hairy armpits. i noticed that they were divided into 4 (tour)groups labelled A to D, each headed by a tour guide / wedding planner. the picture belows shows the size of just one of such groups.

update about the mass wedding of chinese people: apparently, they are from tianjin – the sister city of melbourne. each of the 71 couples paid AUD4000 to renew their wedding vows cum go on a tour packaged honeymoon. although it was publicized on a much lower profile in melbourne, tianjin television broadcasted the event to 900 million viewers. read more at the herald sun.

The couples, in full wedding regalia, arrived at Federation Square by water taxi.

Curious onlookers were invited to sprinkle rose petals as couples walked down the aisle to a wedding march played by the Australian Chinese Music Ensemble.

Before saying their vows the brides and grooms bowed three times in Chinese custom — once facing east in recognition of their parents, again to Melbourne Lord Mayor John So and Tianjin Vice Mayor Madam Zhang, and then to each other.

Cr So and Madam Zhang acted as witnesses. Melbourne City councillor David Wilson read the vows.

Cr So declared Melbourne the city of love. “Today we celebrate the most beautiful cultural exchange ever undertaken by the people of these two cities,” he said.

moving south along the yarra was a completely different change of scene and beat. from a distance away rr, cw and i saw a big group of people gathering along the inclines of the river bank watching a music performance that was stationed on a floating platform. to our delight and utmost surprise it was free concert by Jet, by the river! it was production of the ABC network. it didn’t at all seemed like highly publicised event, most of the audience looked like passersby like us, treated just by being at the right place at the right time.

these are some other interesting sights i’ve seen along the yarra.


mei says:

so fun! the photo of the mass bridal parade is hilarious.

steelwool says:

yeh it was! thanks for your lovely letter by the way =)

mei says:

heh no problem now is your turn to write a long reply to me since it’s holidays for you!

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