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{November 28, 2006}   Mornington Peninsula – Happy Camper

I did mention in a previous post that there is so much to take in at Mornington Peninsula that it warrants at least another visit. In a pleasant chain of events, some friends of mine decided to take a weekend off to embark on a road trip to Sorrento – I hurriedly volunteered to plan the expedition while most others were still knee and elbow deep in exam preparations.

I revisited some common destinations on this second trip to the Peninsula such as the bird’s eye atop Arthur’s Seat. Most other places were ‘uncharted’ with varied terrain. The highlights of the trip were Cape Schnack, Point Nepean and Ocean Beach.

Pitching our own tents at the campsite and chatting under the starry sky was also an experience like no other. This is how it works – the campsites are located at several foreshore reserves. The usual practice is to simply turn up at the campsite, pitch the tent and make payment to the park ranger who comes around at 8am the next morning. Costing $24.50 a night, each campsite is allowed to hold at most 2 tents holding at most 6 people. Tip: choose a site that is located fairly near the toilets and shower facilities. And if you are Melbourne Uni students who do not own tents like us, hire camp equipment from the Student Union Information Centre. Click SHOPS AND HIRE at their website to view price list.

this is the size of one campsite (your car can be parked right up to it)

breakfast (and late night snacks) between the tents

the morning after

Cape Schnack is located on the southern end of the Peninsula, most prominently known for its Light House. We didn’t tour the Light House but instead traversed the board walk laid along the contours of the Cape. The base of the Cape was covered with jagged rocks on one side and smooth ones on the other, ‘polished’ by the constant crashing waves.

Point Nepean is the furthest point of the Peninsula. Formerly a military base, Point Nepean is now incorporated into a National Park that takes 7 km to cover in a round trip. As the land narrows towards the tip, larger and larger views of the ocean reveals itself as it flanks both sides of the strip of land. We were fortunate to enjoy a bright sunny day that bought out the rich colours of the flora and ocean.

Ocean Beach was a nice conclusion to the trip. While most of us bummed on the shore, some decided to take advantage of the strong surf waves that are otherwise absent from the other beaches nearer the city.


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