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{December 1, 2006}   crossing the rubicon

i’ve stepped up my default pace to 4.5km under 31 minutes. i’m aiming to cover 5km – effortlessly – within that time in the next few months.

i only started enjoying running / long distance running 3 years ago. i’ve elaborated more in a previous post. since then, my stamina and staying power has improved by leaps and bounds. more than that, i’m enjoying my runs more and more. like a well oiled machine trudging by, the power and force that runners exert sounds and feels like the quickening steam train accelerating in the THX doubly surround sound clip at the beginning of movies.

i think that unless you’re an elite athlete, no one can be really fully prepared for a new run or routine or weight training of an increased intensity. it is only when the new barrier is crossed that the previous ceiling can be broken, and then in retrospect, the original default standard will seem easy.

it is also the case for anyone’s first 10km. most of it is mind over matter. and no matter how endless the first 10km might seem, once the rubicon is crossed, training with shorter distances will suddenly seem manageable.

it will be the geek’s first 10km this sunday at the standard charted singapore marathon. for someone who hates running, i think its very brave of him to embark on such a challenge. apply the foot strike to absorb shock, hydrate when possible but not in large amounts, walk whenever you need to. do not focus on the timing, but just on the completion for now. come sunday, you’ll be performing your personal best whichever the case. all the best! =)


You have a really nice blog going. I am a runner by hearth as well. When I run I tend forget that I run and just feel myself flow along the road. My primary goal is to run 5km below 20 min. Just 2 minutes less and I there. 🙂
Good luck with your running and everything else.


mei says:

yay i went for a long run yesterday! c. siew is doing the half marathon! it’s quite funny then she’ll come home and complain about her aches and how tired she is then my mother will give her the ‘you signed up for it yourself’ look.

[…] kudos to the geek for completing his first 10km today. it remains to be seen if the experience would spur him on to improve his personal best or if it has made him sworn off running for good. […]

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