death by paper cut

{December 2, 2006}   slowing down

perhaps its age, perhaps its inertia, i’m starting to find it tiring to catch up with conversations in a large company of friends. chances are that in mingling around, you wouldn’t be able to engage in an intense thread of discussion, but would instead move from one superficial topic to another, from one cluster of merry making to another.

i believe that there are still times and places for big group events, i just can’t sustain for long. in recent times, i rather find myself in the midst of an intimate company of a few friends. it doesn’t have to be people that i know very well, but such setting would provide the opportunity for that to evolve.

i’m glad that in my various trips to come, it will be in those intimate settings that i’ll bask in. came across the leveson at north melbourne this evening, a possible option for my next birthday dinner with the few friends who will be in melbourne in february next year.

on a separate note about the clamour of a gathering of noisily painful people, click on mr brown’s post on chinese music videos and play all the four embedded youtube videos simultaneously to understand how unpleasant i perceive chinese new year to be. thank goodness i have the opportunity to steer clear of it this time round.


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