death by paper cut

{December 3, 2006}   kathmandu babe’s gonna have a kathmandu baby

i am not pregnant, i am not planning on getting pregnant any time soon. but when i do, my kid is going to have ample exposure to the great outdoors. i am always astounded by young aussie families hiking and bush walking with toddlers in tow. even around parks and gardens, young mothers continue their active lifestyle by jogging while pushing the baby in the pram. there is just no stopping them.

while kathmandu ogling at the smith street outlet today, i came across a baby product that encapsulates the rugged nature of this active culture.

still i will not part with AUD45 for this pair of oh-so-adorable teva crib botties.


[…] i’m always raving about how the young families in australia tend to have the culture of continuing an active outdoorish lifestyle even with babies in tow. yesterday at the dandenong ranges, i came across one such instance. this time is was even more astounding because 1) the mother was alone, 2) she just descended from and in all likelihood would have ascending the 1000 steps trail, 3) she was bearing the weight of her baby and the carrier that her baby was in. […]

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