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{December 7, 2006}   dandenong ranges

being the adventurous, gungho girls that we are, a.l. went to the dandenongs ranges by public transport.

we started at the base of the fern gully area and hiked up the 1000 steps trail to one tree hill picnic ground. 1000 steps was probably just a figure of speech, it was definitely more than that because we took 1 full hour just climbing steps, what a work out that was.

yes that is a.l. trekking amidst the looming eucalyptus trees in the last picture. from one tree hill picnic ground, we walked another 1 1/2 hours along one tree hill road before joining dandenong tourist road. both sides of one tree hill road were flanked by luxurious residences. interestingly at the end of the road was a large open field with grazing horses. i went to the fence for a closer look when one curious horse cantered up to me.

soon we arrived at sassafras village where the infamous miss marple’s tea room is situated. this is my 2nd time there, which makes for interesting comparison. although the seasons look completely different on the outside, you can be rest assured to find yuletide more than intact cradled in its interiors.

after a well deserved lunch of cottage pie and the loveliest quiche lorraine, we took a bus to the lookout point at sky high mount dandenong. with the harsh late afternoon sunlight beaming onto the horizon, the view left much to be desired. it still did however, make a nice closure to the trip.

the timetable and location of the buses that service dandenong tourist road can be found here. be mindful that they operate on weekdays only.


Katie says:

The fern gully looks beautiful.

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